About Get Lost Photographs

Andy Davies

Imagine trying to get to grips with an Urban Dictionary at 50 something years in an attempt to come up with a suitable name for this website. However when someone casually mentioned about their dream to get lost in the West of Ireland, it got me thinking how that might be a good term to use.

My name is Andy and I run a commercial photography business called Celtic Photography. Whilst that’s how I earn a living day to day, landscape photography is my hobby, always has been, it’s my passion and was how I began in the business. In fact, the name Celtic Photography was borne out of the fact we were in the middle of the Celtic Tiger, I’m a Welshman living in Ireland and the name Celtic is endearing to many people not from these lands. I bought my first SLR camera, a Minolta, in Australia way back when and then invested in my first digital camera in 2004, a Canon 20D which I bought from the wonderful B&H Photo Video Store in Manhattan and I’ve been shooting landscapes ever since. I suppose you could say that this is a ‘busmans holiday’ for me, because I actually enjoy taking the camera out to remote parts of this beautiful isle and spending quality time in my own company shooting the magnificent scenery that surrounds us. My gear has changed considerably in recent years and it wouldn’t be unusual to see me laden down with camera bags, filters, tripods and so on traipsing around the countryside on the search for that perfect shot. In addition, I have visited many places both near and far and It’s my pleasure to share some of these places with you here.